Raheem Bakaré Takes Time With The ‘Forever You’ Visual

With silky soft vocals and a sci-fi fuelled video, Raheem Bakaré delivers some amazing, self-directed videos for his latest track ‘Forever You’.

With a wicked story line that follows a homeless man and his chance encounter with a pocket watch that allows him to loop time, paired with Raheem’s effortless vocals, ‘Forever You’ is a perfect R&B futuristic vibe.

Filmed in both London and the red-light capital of the world, Amsterdam, the video is yet a further demonstration of Raheem Bakaré’s vision as an all-round creative. Fuelled by a futuristic theme, both visually and sonically, ‘Forever You’ pairs Raheem’s traditional R&B vocals alongside the modern synth and bass that lines ‘Forever You’.

Lose yourself in the narrative and parallel world of Rahem Bakaré above.