Rapsody Drops New ‘Power’ Visual Ft Kendrick Lamar X Lance Skiiiwalker

In spirit of keeping ‘that same energy’ Rapsody comes through with the visual to ‘Power’ featuring Kendrick Lamar X Lance Skiiiwalker.

Lifted from her widely acclaimed ‘Laila’s Wisdom’ LP – a project that was two years in the making – comes ‘Power’. Rapsody takes the opportunity to meditate on just what exactly constitutes power, (Sexuality? Guns? Money?) as she hones in on the innate power that resides within us as individuals:

He said the booty the only thing between him and God
They love the booty, sacrifice they family and job
Badge make police feel powerful in the hood
Guns make us feel powerful but they don’t do no good
I know my blackness powerful and they don’t like that
I know some niggas sold theirs, sit back and watch ’em tap dance

Kendrick doesn’t physically appear on screen, but the visual’s impact is not diminished because of it. The verses have been crafted into near technical perfection, with it’s visual component designed to make you think.