Raury Goes Through ‘Trap Tears’ In Video

One of the standout tracks on the album of sorts from Raury, ‘Trap Tears’ is probably the deepest cut that rightly deserves a shot with a visual treatment.

Talking about the message behind ‘Trap Tears’ in an interview with DJ Semtex, Raury explained that all you need to hear is nothing but ‘tears in the trap’ when you listen to this track;

“I almost didn’t even put it on the album, like honestly like, this album I had to push myself in so many levels, when it comes to writing and telling these stories, it’s not really that easy to come out and just write a song like ‘Devils Whisper’ about where how I felt like I was almost jaded. Or write a song about ‘Trap Tears’, just come at a certain angle that just doesn’t seem like too resentful towards the thing, because at the same time I have to talk on the reality and that’s all I wanted to give, is the reality this trap lifestyle that so many people chasing, they don’t really know it’s about.”

 Check out the video for ‘Trap Tears’ above.