Raury Reveals The ‘Forbidden Knowledge’

It’s about that time, the time after he whispered into our souls with his EP, ‘Indigo Child’, it’s finally time for Raury to come of age and release his debut album ‘All We Need’.

Ahead of the album drop, the freshly anointed 19 year old Atlanta prince, breaks down the ‘Forbidden Knowledge’. Rapping over a minimalistic and sparse beat, Raury reaches his moment of revelation as he contemplates how to use the knowledge, realising it’s within the ‘Power in the black folk, well that’s forbidden knowledge‘.

The skill is in street knowledge, as Big K.R.I.T launches straight into his verse, asking that ‘Boyz In The Hood’ question –  ‘So who put the liquor store on the street across from the gun shop?’ Speaking pure knowledge to the youngun, K.R.I.T digs deeper into the nature of suppression and oppression  – ‘The leaders that were slain for speakin’ the topic, On the schemers and the reapers of forbidden knowledge‘.

The album drops on Oct 16th, and an exclusive London listening session will be kicking off on the 13th of Oct, with an art exhibition and listening session, as more and more artists make their foray into public spaces to present their Art and Music. So rather than reading about it, this time you have a chance to be a part of it and experience the album in it’s audio-visual-physio essence. If you haven’t locked down your place at the pop-up event, go do it.

‘All I Need’ is Raury’s 14-track debut featuring guests Big K.R.I.T., RZA and Key! and production by Raury, Malay, Danger Mouse, Jacknife Lee, Daytrip, and DJ Kahlil.