Ray BLK Fixates Us With ’50/50′

Mathematics – a relationship between figures and forms expressed symbolically, a subject that we’ve all dreaded many a timeIt’s time to grab your calculator and notepad, because class is in session as Ray Blk wishes to educate males all over the land.

Spawned from South-London, (Catford to be precise) singer-songwriter Ray Blk recruits the Gyaldem-sugar for the visual accompaniment to sassy track ’50/50.

Ray knows exactly what she wants and keeps her eyes on the prize, but she’s not down for no part-time love. 50/50 is dripping with character, take the energy of a hood video and sprinkle it with some glitz and glamour, throw in a dabbing of South London female prowess and you’ve got the formulae for this masterpiece.

The second I laid my eyes on this visual, found myself fixated from the off, it’s like a flip reversal of the sexes. This motley crew of ladies parade around the ends with this gully swagger and tenacity but keep it sassy and oh so 100 – double that of the males they’ve encountered.

’50/50′ provides a tip for the Mandem, these ladies aren’t down for the run around and if you step foot in their territory make sure you come correct. This is ’50/50′, here’s how to avoid their wrath.