Rejjie Snow Brings Swagger To The Stage

Two hours before Rejjie Snow is scheduled to play, a line is already forming outside of the Loco Klub, an incredible space situated inside a tunnel below a train station in Bristol.

As you walk in you travel through abandoned tunnels and winding staircases to a hidden room that feels like it should belong behind a secret bookcase. Yet as the doors open groups of teenagers flock in not stopping to explore this luscious venue, they pass straight through the tunnels, straight up the flights of stairs only looking forward. They only have one thing on their mind, to catch up a glimpse of their hero Rejjie Snow. Its clear Rejjie has capture the minds of the youth up and down the UK, and whilst his set was a clear indicator he has a vision, we are still left waiting for him to execute it.

Rejjie Snow Crowd

It’s been over three years since Rejjie burst onto the scene. Around the same time as Odd Future was enrapturing the youth across the world, Rejjie was quietly bubbling away. As Rejjie takes the stage the scenes can certainly call back to the early days of Odd Future. Groups of teenagers eagerly awaiting the first sight of their favourite rapper, and for many the first experience of a hip hop show. With a slew of singles and his highly regarded EP ‘Rejovich’ released over the last few years, Rejjie has a very high profile yet limited catalogue to choose from.

So he wastes no time getting things started. Running through the likes of ‘Keep your Head up’ and ‘1992’ Rejjie strolls around the stage with a swagger in his step, for a young man he certainly has soulful head on his shoulders. Rejjie keeps the jazzy pace going performing ‘Nights Over Georgia’, as members of the crowd shout back every lyric. Its clear that for those in attendance this means the world to them. And Rejjie shows his appreciation performing a number of unreleased tracks which show good signs of what is to come.

Rejjie Snow Koko portrait

As the show goes on Rejjie begins to pick up the pace. The crowd implodes as the synths of ‘Blakkst Skn’ come in and Rejjie bounces from one side of the stage to other jumping on top of the speakers. Rejjie has a very demanding stage presence which makes up for his limited time on stage. For such a high profile rapper he doesn’t have the most expansive catalogue which certainly limits the show. While he’s undeniably a great performer you cant help but not feel satisfied, and left always wanting more. This being said Rejjie ends the show on a high. Performing the gut busting ‘Snow’ the crowd is flipped upside down, as a sea of stage dives and crowd surfing sends the venue into mayhem.

In 2013 after the release of ‘Rejovich’ Rejjie was one of the most sort after rappers in the scene. Yet with two years of near isolation and publicity stunts including pretending to be Flying Lotus’s alias Captain Murphy and his recent appearance donned in a full OVO tracksuit which has spread rumours of signing to the 6 God, it’s become all too obvious Rejjie likes to be the prankster. But it’s time for him to really step into the limelight and for him to show us what we all know he can do.

rejjie portrait

*The show was rated in Bristol and shots were taken at KoKo in London with support from Kirk Knight.