Rejjie Snow Gets Under The ‘Blakkst Skn’

Rejjie Snow’s been writing some unspoken words and getting under the skin on his new single, ‘Blakkst Skn’ featuring Rae Morries with production by the beatmaker, Kaytranada.

Rejjie’s story so far could have gone a number of ways, it could have been one about the long grind or the swift rise & rise of Rejjie Snow but for Alex Anyaegbunam, it’s been a bit of both. Originating from Dublin, finding his way to Georgia U.S.A, dropping his first E.P at 17 and eventually signing to a Brooklyn-based label 2 years later, Rejjie’s story is still in the making.

The hype surrounding the debut E.P ‘Rejovich‘, brought with it instant acclaim racking up 6.4 million plays, and bringing him into the company of Kendrick Lamar, Flying Lotus and MF Doom – everything was primed but then came the wait.

These days attention spans are lost in day’s let alone 2 years, but Rejjie Snow isn’t about to be forgotten easily, it might have taken 2 years for him to re-emerge with new material, but he’s got everyones attention again. Keeping that attention is the challenge ahead and since dropping the single ‘All Around The World’ in the summer, with a video that featured the screen debut from Lily-Rose Depp, he’s primed his fans yet again.

So here it is, Rejjie Snow’s dropped a 2nd single ‘Blakkst Skn’ and tickets for his forthcoming headline show in London have sold-out in under 3 hours. Question now is can he keep the momentum, in time we’ll know, and maybe this time, it won’t be a long wait.

‘Blakkst Skn’ featuring Rae Morries, and produced by Kaytranada will be out on the 13th November via Hometown Records in the U.K.