Releasing The Energy From People&Places

Believe it or not, there was once a time when Canadian artists just weren’t getting the buzz they needed. Way back then the East Coast took the scene by storm, and it was way back when the West Coast was taking over. Way before Drake, Justin Bieber and The Weeknd blew. It just wasn’t their time. Now it’s safe to say Canada is on the map, and looking to make their own mark is 7-piece collective People&Places.

After running into each other at an event in their hometown, Toronto, Brick Grillins and D.R.O decided to work on a track together. The track then turned into 3, which is when they decided to take things a lot more seriously, The duo then added 5 more members, forming People&Places.

The collective dropped ‘The Grey Area’ last month, their debut EP based on Brick’s past drug abuse, where he tells the highs and lows throughout the darkest time of his life. Grey also represents the grim moods Brick found himself in. Grey being the colour associated with depression and lifelessness, exactly how Brick felt whilst going through his addiction.

In a recent interview, Brick explained how the music helps him get to where he wants to be. “It helps release certain emotions and certain energies that I wouldn’t want to release anywhere else, so for me it’s literally a means to happiness and sanity.”

With a 6-track EP released and an obvious hunger for more, we’re certain the collective will make their mark on the map.

Check ‘The Grey Area’ EP below: