Rich Chigga Smashes Dat $tick With a RMX’ ft Ghostface Killah & Pouya

This shit is mental! Point blank.

From Indonesia and only 16 when this kid scored the ultimate home invasion, Rich Chigga aka Brian Imanuel not only nabbed multiple co-signs for his dabs, raps and that Reebok fanny pack with a pink polo, but caught an OG on his word. Dropping a remix today of his 19 milli+ viewed viral banger ‘Dat $tick’, Rich Chigga is set to do it all over again with the remix visual. Ghostface Killah put it out there earlier this year, that he’d get on the track and true to his word came through, making the most unexpected appearance in the video. Check all the rapper reactions to the original video below and then prepare yourself for the surrealist rap video remix of the year.

Featured at the top of the page, the ‘Dat $tick’ remix video, feature’s Rich Chigga donning his signature fanny pack against a backdrop of some pretty lit trucks – no we really mean LIT! Featuring all kinds of visual effects, this video is literally all in flames. Ghostface Killah features as you’ve never seen him before, doing things with a fanny pack that – well you never seen before! So fuck the spoilers, just get a dose of ‘Dat $tick’ and don’t say we didn’t warn ya!

“Each year new artists, DJs, producers and creatives draw influences from those who came before and lift the culture to a new level. Like a living organism, hip hop constantly evolves, grows, adapts and influences,” writes Semtex in his new book ‘Hip Hop Raised Me’. So unsurprisingly as Semtex continues, “It was only a matter of time before the home of hip hop was itself invaded; waves of MC’s and DJ’s from nations such as Canada, the UK, France and Australia and Korea are intent on returning the favour”.

Is Hip Hop ready for this Indonesian home invasion.