Rick Rubin Reveals ‘Star Wars Headspace’

Just imagining all the sounds that must go through Rick Rubin’s headspace could have you tripping in all kinds of ways, but add Sci-fi to that headspace and only a force like Rubin can take it to another space altogether conceiving a project like Star Wars Headspace.

Rick Rubin has brought together some cosmically infused like-minded heads like Flying Lotus, Baauer, A-Trak, Shlohmo, Royksopp and Rustie amongst others to collaborate on this sonic project, creating his own universe of sci-fi electronic soundscapes sampling the Star Wars films. Given full access to the complete sound archives of the ‘Star Wars’ movie franchise, and with the creative licence to go as far as they wanted, anything was possible as long as they didn’t ‘mess’ with any John Williams compositions.

Premiering 3 tracks today on Beats 1, Zane Lowe gave a taster from the project featuring Flying Lotus’ ‘R2 Where R U’ as his World Record as well as exclusive first plays of Baauer’s ‘Cantina Boys’ and Rick Rubin’s own ‘NR-G7’

The album is due Feb. 18