Ridin Round Columbia With Kali Uchis

Kali knows what she wants and this time she’s taken the helm behind the camera as well as infront of it and headed to her home country Columbia to shoot her video for ‘Ridin Round’.

Kali Uchis is her own hustler and she’s working up in a world that’s of her own living, but it all comes from a world that she’s from and that’s Columbia. Bleached hair in bubblegum pink, Kali’s image may be dolled up to the nines but she’s picture perfect against the backdrop of the streets of Columbia. Filming the video with just her real friends and fam, the L.A resident moved from Columbia aged 11 and going back to her roots and her roads, Kali seem’s right at home.

Re-produced by DJ Dahi who’s credits run between Drake, Kendrick Lamar, and Travis Scott, the track has an added reggae boost which brings a bump to the original ‘Ridin Round’. It’s infectious to the point of easy on the ear and catchy on the hook.

‘Ridin Round’ is originally featured on Kali’s ‘Por Vida’ EP, check out the video of the rework above co-directed by Felipe Holguin Caro alongside Kali Uchis.