RITUAL x Denzy Curry Will Give You Those ‘REAL FEELS’

RITUAL are shaping up to be one of the more distinctive acts to come out of London, seemingly drawing on a variety of influences. Their dual-gender vocal attack is akin to The xx’s smouldering harmonies, whilst their production evokes a bit of James Blake’s post-dubstep minimalism. Their new, Denzel Curry-assisted track, ‘REAL FEELS’, then, is an excellent addition to their catalogue, and serves as a warm up to their forthcoming project, ‘No Escape Out Of Time’.

For ‘REAL FEELS’, RITUAL decided to hand over the production duties to FnZ (the mastermind behind A$AP Rocky’s ethereal banger, ‘LSD’), who dials in a morphing, boppy soundscape for the pair to glide over. This is what they had to say about the experience:

‘Real Feels’ is the first song we’ve written in a session with other producers. We met FnZ last year online, and originally started working with them on productions remotely – we were big fans of the stuff they’d done with A$AP Rocky, especially ‘LSD’. We went over to LA in the summer and met up to write, and just really hit it off in person. Watching them create sounds together was really cool, they kind of jam together instinctively like a band that have been playing together for years.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise – their chemistry is evident; Gerard O’Connell and Mononoke’s vocals meld beautifully, and negotiate the various pops, whizzes and fizzes that FnZ throws at them with ease. What’s more, Denzel Curry seems remarkably comfortable adjusting to the pop sound, delivering a series of well-polished bars, punctuated occasionally with a bit of filtered crooning to pad out his guest spot.

Check out the track below. Hopefully that will tie you over until the full sequence arrives soon!