‘Rodeo’ Is A Solid Body Of Work

Travis Scott has inspired a new generation of artists including myself.

He has never been afraid to do something different to what everyone is doing, the influence of Kanye West on his music and artistry has pushed him to make some of the best unorthodox music possible.

I’ve been following Travi$ Scott’s music for a long long time, since the ‘Lovesick’ days, I waited a year for his debut mixtape ‘Owl Pharaoh’, and it’s good to see him finally release his debut album ‘Rodeo’.

Rodeo stays true to his dark sound. His intro ‘Pornography’ is a really dark, gritty lo-fi track. It consists of Travi$ dark vocals accompanied by a dark boom bap/trap style beat & the heavily distorted guitars makes it a very strong introduction to the album, although ‘Never Catch Me’ could have easily been the intro too.

The beats are very very dark on this album, some include beat switch ups which are very melodic, bright and surprising. For instance ‘Oh My Dis Side’ (one of my favourites) has a very surprising switch up to what is a really downtempo melodic Drake esque track. After the surprising switch up it cuts into ‘3500’ which really shows how constantly dark this album is/will be (which is good for me!)

Easily one of my favourite tracks has to be Nightcrawler (Ft. Swae Lee & Chief Keef) the way Travi$ uses Swae Lee’s distinctive voice for this track is so smart. Lets not ignore how fire Chief Keef’s verse was too!

‘Pray 4 Love’ is one of the albums deeper reflective moments where Travi$ touches on the coverage of recent events in the US. He sums up how we all feel within 2 lines; ‘Tired of seeing these black kids on the face of fox, and fuck CNN they dont want to see us win’.

I liked all of the tracks, the production is right, the vocals are right, its exactly what we know Travi$ for. Rodeo is a solid album with no filler.

Key tracks: Nightcrawler (Ft. Swae Lee & Chief Keef), Pray 4 Love (Ft. The Weeknd),
Maria I’m Drunk (Ft. Young Thug & Justin Bieber), Impossible