Rude Kid & Ghetts Get Into The Game Plan

The last time I spoke to Rude Kid, we were discussing his success with the 356 project, his new EP ‘Noah’s Ark‘ and the Grime hit ‘1Take’. I remember telling him how big his influence was on the roads and how it inspired Grime artists to spray over the same riddim and even some rappers.

Rude Kid on the other hand wasn’t as hyped as I was. No doubt he was grateful and happy with what he’d created, but it seems that there was more to what he had in the plan. It’s like I was gassed about a plan that wasn’t fully executed yet.

Grime is built on energy, but you’ll rarely see Rude Kid jumping and shouting with artists at events. What you will see is someone who is methodical and is always thinking about the next step. Whether it’s choosing the next song for Ghetts to spray bars to at Eskimo Dance or making new music, I get the feeling that nothing is random. He always has a plan.

I find myself once again in the Relentless studio where Rude Kid is at home. Where he sits and cooks up the hits that make the rest of us shout for the reload at raves. He’s happy, but calm. A smooth demeanour that doesn’t suggest that he’s about to release yet another single that’s only been heard in live sets around the country. At the launch of ‘Noahs Ark’ Ghetts performed a song, now known as the new single ‘Peng Tings’, and by popular demand, it got reloaded about 4 times. Nobody knew what is was, but it certainly left a mark.

Ghetts tells me how it went down – We both liked the tune, we planned to play it for an audience that night to see the reaction we received straight way”, and Rude Kid interjects The crowd caught on straight away. After a couple reloads, some were saying back the words. Ghetts continues Actually, we finished the track that day. Hours after we completed the tune we decided to play it for the people.” and you can’t hold back a track when it pops, it all went from there according to Rude Kid, The launch party was Wednesday and then Julie Adenuga played the song on Beats 1 Radio. It was a great feeling.”

The last time we spoke, Rude Kid expressed his love for DJing and being able to curate a set and mix songs for the crowd to get hype to. Since then, it’s fair to say he’s made some major moves. “Yeah man. It’s been great. Playing at festivals like Parklife and Glastonbury. Wireless is next. Upcoming DJ gigs for Relentless and 1Xtra. Also going to be DJing at Tinie Tempah’s party in Ibiza. Shouts to my management and agents because they’re keeping me busy. I’m still doing all of this alongside making music and working on new projects. I’ve also got the radio show now.

One thing that inspired me after our last encounter was his precision focus. Rude Kid isn’t distracted by the success that he’s earned already and he’s purely focused on achieving the next goal. One of those goals was to create music and collaborate with different brands. Whilst scrolling through my TL one day, I came across an ad of Anthony Joshua for Beats by Dre, just before it ended I heard that very familiar sound. A tag that Grime fans have been hearing before drops for years.

I was contacted by someone from Beats by Dre about using one of my songs for something. I had a song called ‘Track 2’, it still doesn’t have a name. I sent it to them and they thought it was sick. They went on to use it for the Anthony Joshua campaign. There’s even talks of it being licensed for international use. China I think. I’’m looking forward to working with them again.” 

When Rude Kid’s not making music for world champions, he’s working with one of the best artists in Grime to create soundtracks for films. ‘The Intent’ is due for release soon and the song that accompanies the trailer is ‘Savage’. A haunting Rude Kid production that suits the raw words sprayed by Ghetts to the point that you’re immersed in the story being spun.

I give Ghetts the win for that one. I had another tune I made that the director and I liked. When working with Ghetts after watching the film, he picked another song and wrote the words that matches the feel of what’s happening in the film. When we finished it, I realised that Ghetts made the right decision.

Ghetts addsWhen you first listen to ‘Savage’ you’ll like it. But I wrote the song in a way that will make more sense after you watch the film. It’s from the perspective of the situations in ‘The Intent’. The scenario’s are so cruddy, I could’ve stayed on the path of hard, violent bars. But I wanted to show the cycle. What happens and the consequences of certain actions. The other side to the crud. I wanted to describe everything.” 

Nobody cares unless care comes after intensive – Ghetts on Savage

Ghetts has that ability. Drawing from life experiences, he accurately depicts his surroundings in his poetry. When coupled with Rude Kid’s production, they become a force to be reckoned with.

So far it seems that Rude Kid has a busy life. It have recently became even more so. Working with Kiss FM, he now has his own new weekly radio show, KissGrime. “I knew about the show during our first interview at the ‘Noah’s Ark’ launch but I had to keep quiet. I’m happy that everyone knows now. It’s surreal. Even though I’ve done some shows already, it hasn’t sunk in yet.”

KissGrime is a radio show focussed on Grime and underground music that has roots tied with another nang DJ, Logan Sama. Logan’s Grime show will be remembered by early followers of the Grime scene and now Rude Kid has a chance to make his own legacy.

Logan had an excellent show with Kiss. I feel like it’s now my job to carry on and hold up the same standards and go beyond. It’s a bit of pressure on me to make the show better. Logan’s show was major in the scene and it feels weird now that i’ve now got a Grime show at a wicked time slot, Sunday 10pm. It’s mad. The reach for the show is crazy. It gives me a chance to support people and help them out the same way Logan used the platform to help artists. That’s my job now. I have a chance to help progress the scene. I intend to play music from artists who need help being heard on this level.” 

Being a constant figure in the Grime scene, Rude Kid is well aware of his influence and the opportunities he can offer. KissGrime has historically brought through MCs who are now considered legends and now with the reigns firmly in Rude Kid’s grasp, there is another opportunity to embrace the future great MCs.

“I want KissGrime to be the biggest Grime show. The platform that it is on, the potential is there. I believe it fully so it’s going to happen. I’m always thinking positively. The energy is right and you’ll hear it in the show and also the music that i’m are making.”

As Rude Kid rushes off to Radio 1 for the premiere of yet another new track, I’m left in the studio where all the creation happens – where he collaborates with artists to make Grime music. It’s the same building that he will later come back to and stand behind the decks to play his new single ‘Peng Tings’ with Ghetts. When there’s a plan, I’ve learnt not to assume it’s completed when it comes to Rude Kid.