Rudeboy Don’t Act Like You’re Rude, Subculture Sage Drop ‘Gold’

MC and producer duo Subculture Sage drop their brand spanking new mixtape ‘Big Smoke Autumn Blues’ and share the Ricky Patel directed visuals for ‘Gold’.

Producer Subculture Sounds and MC Hypeman Sage have birthed Subculture Sage, together their sound is a hybrid of hip-hop, dubstep, a dash of reggae and jungle. Their latest mixtape ‘Big Smoke Autumn Blues’ is a 14 track mix of their eclectic, yet distinctively British sound. Overall, ‘Big Smoke Autumn Blues’ is both reflecting and engaging, it’s trippy and dark in parts that pushes extremities of UK hip-hop.

The video for the lead track ‘Gold’, is directed by Ricky Patel and is filmed in a small mining town just outside of Zimbabwe’s capital, Harare. The visuals for ‘Gold’ compliment the dusty, claustrophobic yet hungry vibe of the track perfectly. It’s a smashing directorial debut from Ricky Patel too. The concept for the video came after a trip to the mining town of Red Church, there the dusty lands are rich and filled with gold, but the mines have been temporarily closed. Being so close to gold, yet out of reach, prompted a rise in illegal miners. Marrying the miners tale with social commentary from MC Hypeman Sage brings together the two distant world.

Have a watch of the cinematic visuals for ‘Gold’ above, and you can download the ‘Big Smoke Autumn Blues’ in its entirety for free here.