Rukhsana Merrise X Kojey Radical Don’t Wanna ‘Die In Vain’

Rukhsana Merrise teams up with Kojey Radical for the release of her brand new single ‘Die In Vain’. A sultry blend of acoustic and orchestral production Rukhsana Merrise tells the story of the freedom that comes from finding a new perspective.

“This single is a confessional song written at a time when I was really seeking new perspective. I felt a little lost, ironically it was the final song I wrote on my album and in turn became a bit of motivation record that can almost be received as inspirational.” Rukhsana says of the track, adding, “It’s become my current favourite off my album.”

An unfiltered look at finding your way through life’s maze, ‘Die In Vain’ hints at what is to come for Rukhsana Merrise ahead of the release of her debut album.