Run, Fall & Prey With These Five Forces Of Nature

Visually alive and vocally breathless – check out these 5 picks of the week from Sampha, Abi Ocia, Keith Ape,…

Sometimes when there’s a whole lotta good music, some real gems can slip through the cracks unless you’re ready to catch em. We’re always listening out for good music, pretty much hour after hour, day after day and still can’t get enough of it. There are days though when some records and some visuals just get you in a different kind of mood, a mood to reflect and the mood to dissect.

So while you’re taking in the beauty of ‘A Seat At the Table’ today and journeying through ‘Six Paths’, don’t let any of these one tracks, fall through the cracks. Listen in to our 5 picks of the week from Sampha, Abi Ocia, Keith Ape, Chloe & Halle, Jade de LaFleur.


Abi Ocia is ‘Running’ Through Air.

Not just any newcomer, Abi Ocia is a special new voice, one who’s immediately captured our attention from the very first note on her debut single ‘Running’. The West London native shows us the way she moves like air, with the serenity of her soulfully breathtaking transition through a floating melody. Sung and written by Abi and created in collaboration with producer Draper with co-production from London based Mkulu, ‘Running’ is a carefully balanced yet intimately charged song.

Speaking on the track Abi says: ‘‘I wanted to explore an inner dialogue with myself, following a journey of seeking out something greater than what you are used to, even if it means purging yourself of things you hold dear”.  Schooled with an all-singing drama education, Abi’s roots run deep in her church upbringing where she began singing from the age of 8. Feel the adulation in her delivery and you’ll see why we think Abi Ocia is most definitely ‘next up’.


You Can Now Visualise Sampha’s ‘Blood On Me’

Simply said, Sampha can do no wrong. As one of the most highly revered and enigmatic young artists in the UK, everything that emanates from him is pure blissful energy.

Sampha’s collaborators read like a who’s who of not only the UK’s own delectable talents but world renowned superstar names, from a list that includes SBTRKT, FKA twigs, Lil Silva, Jessie Ware to Drake, Beyonce, Kanye West, Frank Ocean and recently Solange. Now it’s finally time to focus only on Sampha himself pure and simple. With his new single ‘Blood On Me’ which follows on from the sublime ‘Timmy’s Prayer’, Sampha’s first ever video is a solitary and electrifying visual that raises the pulse. Produced by Sampha and Rodaidh McDonald, ‘Blood On Me’ will feature on the hotly anticipated and long awaited debut debut album ‘Process’.

Announcing and then subsequently selling out within minutes his series of shows through October and November of this year, Sampha is certainly one hot ticket.


Chloe x Halle Uplift On ‘Fall’

Luck has certainly been on the side of these two sisters, signed to Beyonce’s Parkwood label, there isn’t a bigger and better co-sign but luckily these singer-songwriters are banking on more than just luck.

Vocally proficient and beautifully arranged in cohesively elegant musical form, Chloe x Halle, are assured yet unassuming musicians. After releasing their debut EP ‘Sugar Symphony’ earlier this year and touring around the world with Beyonce, the girls have patiently been drawing us in closer. Now back on dry land and walking through the sandy dunes in their new visual for ‘Fall’, Chloe and Halle are certainly giving us gold at the end of this rainbow. Watch and let Chloe x Halle make you ‘Fall’ in love with them as they take you on to a new high – they’re the real deal.

Keith Ape Goes Underwater In ‘Let Us Prey’

Treading the depths of the ocean through the underwater, Keith Ape swiftly followed the release of his previous videos for ‘Fendi’ and ‘Diamonds’ with another visual for the track ‘Let Us Prey’ from his forthcoming debut EP ‘Self Portrait’.

Exploring the desert underwater, alongside another Cohort collective member Bryan Cha$e, the South Korean rappers are joined by a hi-tek Orca whale that transforms into a BMW i8. Keith Ape who’s moniker was created out of a combination of both Keith Haring and A Bathing Ape names, is both literally and visually stepping through waves. Whether he’s relishing in new creative interpretations inspired by Blade Runner or Enter the Void, or sounding off with his political commentary about the state of the whales at SeaWorld, Keith Ape’s scope is wider than the oceans.

Jade De LaFleur Sees Out That ‘Toxic’ Sunset

With a tinge of fire in her soul, Jade de Lafleur takes the lead in her first single ‘Toxic’, premiered as a world record on Ebro’s show on Beats 1. ‘Toxic’, produced by BLVCKSCOTT, aptly fits as a description to her sound as well as the title of her forthcoming project, ‘pyschoPOP’. 

The Louisiana bred singer, takes us through a rhythm and beat right into a ‘Toxic’ sunset, lighting up the soundscape with the picturesque luminosity of her voice.