Run The Jewels Are Back Roaring On ‘Talk To Me’

Killer Mike and El-P have finally blessed us with the first track from their third instalment of the ‘Run The Jewels’ series, and what a way to start!

In an interview with Zane Lowe, Mike had the following to say: “According to the American election, we’ve made the soundtrack to World War 3 and the Apocalypse” (no perceivable changes there, then). However, on a more serious note he added: “We never wanna short change the audience by getting complacent, but we really feel like we notched it up for y’all’. If this is true – we’re in for a fucking wild ride.”

Since 2013, RTJ have put out two killer projects, and their chemistry is irrefutable. El-P’s anthemic, rock-infused production is bolstered with schizophrenic, rave-ready synths and bass that will crack your fucking windows. With these eccentric soundscapes in place, both veteran MCs use the space for cypher-like 16s, spitting with robotic articulacy and littering the tracks with jaw-dropping, disparaging one-liners. Previous cuts like ‘A Christmas Fucking Miracle’ have the ethereal energy of a Glastonbury headliner’s closing track. ‘Oh My Darling Don’t Cry’, on the other hand, sounds like RTJ threw Lil Wayne out of the booth while he was recording ‘A Milli’, and took the reins themselves to put the beat in fucking A&E.

Their new track, ‘Talk To Me’, finds the veteran duo falling into a happy medium between the aforementioned tracks. The song sizzles with wild guitar flecks and hard-hitting drum-breaks, while Killer Mike and El-P do what they always do: wreck shit. Off the strength of this track, there is no doubt in my mind that Run The Jewels will continue their hot streak.

Check out the new single, released via Adult Swim Singles series.