Run The Jewels Dropped Some Dynamite

Oh damn these guys were raising hell as unquestionably the hardest rubble rousers in Hip-Hop, and Run The Jewels have just dropped some dynamite with ‘Rubble Kings’ the theme track inspired by their story.

The new Run The Jewels track comes as a new instalment from the Adult Swim singles series and hot off the first track from the new supergroup WOKE. ‘Rubble Kings Theme (Dynamite)’ is also featured on the documentary of the same name, ‘Rubble Kings’.

The first single from the soundtrack for the documentary Rubble Kings is due out on October 30th and is produced by Little Shalimar, featuring appearances by Run The Jewels, Bun B, Mr Muthaf*kin Exquire, Ka and Roxiny amongst others. Download the mixtape in the meantime and get in the mood.

The documentary film charts the period from 1968 to 1975, when gangs ruled New York City. Beyond the idealistic hopes of the civil rights movement lay an unfocused rage. Neither law enforcement nor social agency could end the escalating bloodshed. Peace came only through the most unlikely and courageous of events that would change the world for generations to come by giving birth to hip-hop culture. Rubble Kings chronicles life during this era of gang rule, tells the story of how a few extraordinary, forgotten people did the impossible, and how their actions impacted New York City and the world over.

Listen to the theme song ‘Rubble King’s by Run The Jewels below, or download the track for FREE.