Run The Jewels Talk Run DMC, Comics & The Future

Chuck D from Public Enemy describes Run The Jewels as his “Heroes” and explained that the most recent Public Enemy album was inspired by RTJ. It’s the kind of praise that eclipses any award or accolade. The ultimate compliment from the front man of one of the greatest groups of all time.

Killer Mike and El-P otherwise known as Run The Jewels are living the dream. It’s their dream, but it is the dream of most artists…to carry on, to have some kind of independent immortal relevance without constraints outside of any kind of industry. Before RTJ, Mike and El-P had their own individual careers, identities, and fans. They earned their stripes and paid their dues back in the 90’s. Together as Run The Jewels they have constantly defied rules and conventions. They are playing out their second artistic life very well.

Before the streaming wave kicked in, Run The Jewels gave away an album and sold several hundred thousand copies of the very same album. It’s a risk few would have taken, an overt commitment to the culture and fans, and at the same time testament to their forward thinking approach to the business of music.

They create music of substance with their own unique sound mix of classic boom bap pound meets a futuristic southern vibe. Three albums later they are the epitome of Hip Hop and have managed to some how appeal to the widest audience and range of fans. They attract; the ageing b-boys, hipsters, students, the streets, the rap purists, and commercial crowd. Their music is used in popular films and TV shows, Marvel have produced several comic covers inspired by RTJ artwork, and the tickets keep selling out in bigger quantities, at faster rates.

It’s a good time to hang out with Run The Jewels at the back of a luxury tour bus, an hour before they hit the stage at their sold out Roundhouse show in London.