Run the Jewels To Perform at Banksy’s DismaLand

In an emotional speech after the Grand Jury decision in Ferguson, Rapper and Activist Killer Mike from Run The Jewels broke down on stage and it seems to have inspired Banksy in his latest Art project.

Banksy interviewed Run The Jewels in the Guardian ahead of their appearance at DismaLand and talked about how Killer Mike’s video on YouTube had made him cry, Killer Mike responded  “It is scary to think a system exists that wishes not to see all people live with human dignity and respect. I did, however, finish feeling encouraged that day will come.”

It is about poverty, it is about greed

In the YouTube video that Banksy referred to, Killer Mike spoke emotionally about not just bringing out the race card “We will not live in fear, we’re not gonna keep playing that race card, we know you don’t value you my skin… It is not about race, it is not about class, it is not about colour, it is about what they killed him for – it is about poverty, it is about greed and it is about a war machine”.

Killer Mike spoke in more detail about the situation in the U.S on CNN last year and has been an inspiration to many other groups and activists including the original “Black CNN” – Public Enemy. Chuck D also spoke about Killer Mike as an inspiration for their recent album.

Run The Jewels will appear at Reading & Leeds Festival ahead of their performance at Banksy’s Dismaland, Weston-super-Mare, on 4 September