1/22 - AJ Youngsoul
2/22 - DJ Semtex
3/22 - Alia Hassan
4/22 - Blaze
5/22 - Kendrick & Blaze
8/22 - Shaquille Robinson
10/22 - Daniel OG
11/22 - Kojey Radical
12/22 - Mumblez of 808Ink
13/22 - Charmer 808Ink
17/22 - DJ Jamo
19/22 - House of Pharaohs
20/22 - Mally
21/22 - House of Pharaohs
22/22 - House of Pharaohs

Run With House of Pharaohs

Ramming out Brixton Jamm on Saturday night for their first headliner, House of Pharaoh’s set the course for what’s becoming more than just a movement out of South London. Sam Wise, Bandanna, Blaze, Kevin Taylor, Danny Stern and AJ YoungSoul have come a long way since their debut Arrival, when DJ Semtex declared they were the future.

Looking at them now, we’re already seeing the change, with their rising profiles each MC has risen up to the challenge, and taken that mic in hand with an unabashed attitude. Switching it up in their new video ‘Run With Me’, the boys are different on a different wave, and they’re never going to be the same from here on. Watch the new video below and if you don’t already know each of their names, trust there’s a growing legion of HOP fans already in their zone.

Brixton Jamm just proved what we’ve already known, when you see HOP live, it’s living proof that they’ve got a very different kind of future ahead of them. A collective of MC’s, each with an individual style, persona and lyricism, surrounded by a crew, a gang, pure friends, who came together to make music and built a House of Pharaohs.

Check out the shots from their headline gig featuring support sets from Shaquille Robinson, OneNineNine, Jamo, Gianni, 808INK and hosted by DJ Semtex.