Russ ‘I’m not An Industry Plant’

It’s been quite a year for Russ who’s been keeping busy through a consistent flow of new music and performing around the US. With 39 tracks already released this year it’s becoming abundantly clear Russ is determined to solidify his spot in the game.

“Imma keep fucking the game up with these singles. I’m sitting on an album tho that I’ll drop at the right time. Till then, keep your eyes on my Soundcloud.”

For those not familiar with the 22 year old rapper and producer, his music is representative of various influences, from the sultry sounds of ‘Willy Wonka’ to the upbeat rhymes on ‘Too Many’. When speaking on his background, the rapper regards himself as a product of the internet rather than boasting affiliation to a particular place

“I think my generation is the first generation that’s really from the Internet. Everything has overlapped nowadays. The Internet put everybody everywhere. People in Saudi can find out about me without me having to actually be from there. Musically speaking, there are no lines or map as far as the Internet is concerned.”

Citing Drake and Kanye West as artists he would most like to collaborate with, Russ initially found an interest in Hip Hop music through listening to the works of Eminem and 50 Cent – “That’s when I started writing raps. I didn’t start making beats till I was 14. My grandpa taught me how to play guitar around that time which really opened the doors for me musically. I just always loved music.”

He also gave us his take on being independent and what it meant to him to have created his own brand, a responsibility and necessity increasingly taken on by emerging artists who opt for the independent route. “I’m 103% independent. Literally no one but me doing everything, I just like to create. I get to do whatever I want when I want – I think I would have to answer to people that I wouldn’t want to.”

“I couldn’t be happier about having a cult following honestly because it’s real people. So many artists don’t have REAL people that actually fuck with them. I’m gonna be here for a long time because I’m not an industry plant. I’m a real human with other real humans that fuck with me all over the world.”

Despite being independent, Russ has already toured the US and parts of Europe including Paris and Belgium – which was also the first of his shows to sell out and one of his career highlights to date. “Shoutout to Belgium, I sold out my first show ever, which was also my first outta the country show. Getting on MTV was epic too. Shoutout to Rob Markman and Sway. I just did a million plays too in a month on my SoundCloud which is epic!”

Check out the new beat banging release ‘First One’ released earlier today Ive been lookin for this girl in all these other girls, but they just fuck it up, Ohhhhh nothin like the first love first love and keep an eye out for what else Russ is lookin for …