Ryan De La Cruz ‘Know About Me’

I didn’t know anything about Ryan De La Cruz until I got hooked up with one of his tracks a few months ago. I heard it, liked it, played it, and I’ve been playing it ever since.

The video recently dropped for ‘Know About Me’ and it is sick. It is highly original and very different from everything else out there. Recently I caught up with Ryan and asked which artist he would compare himself to and he told me Michael Jackson. Yeah…I know what your thinking, but you have to respect his audacity and aspiration to attain the highest levels of greatness. The video for ‘Know About Me’ is easily one of the best UK rap videos of the year…but Ryan isn’t actually a UK rapper…even more audacity

The video features Ryan, Ryan, Ryan, and Ryan. With articulate skill and detail he builds a zoot and shares it with his other selves…this is every roadman’s dream. Ryan portrays several different believable characters in the space of 3 minutes, but this process is actually a reflection of Ryan’s artistry.

Like his roles within the video, Ryan is a complex artist. He can rap, but he is primarily a singer that comfortably slides through many styles. He may not be near the super star status of Michael Jackson, but he is a very dope artist who will carve out his own lane and sound. He’s coming through and you should definitely know about him.

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