Ryan De La Cruz’s Debut EP Is Out Of The Boundary

London’s got a lot of newcomers, but then there are only a few newcomers who just stand out from the off.

East London’s Ryan De La Cruz is certainly saying something and he’s got us listening intently from the off to his impressive debut mixtape ‘Pagans’. De La Cruz is a genuine product of our times, shaped by the sounds of all the waves we’re tuned into but he’s also figured out how to cut through with tracks that we actually wanna whip to.

Whether he’s going hard up in the ‘Bando’ while dropping in a vocal sample of Kanye’s ‘All Day’, or living the life of a young G in ‘Gotham’, De La Cruz is a vivid storyteller who rises to the challenge on ‘Jimmy’s Story’. Laced with a moody out of bounds production, this is exactly the kind of EP we were in the mood for.

Ryan’s broken the code, and with ‘Pagan’ it’s just the start of something bigger, “I made all these tracks while I was venting about real life issues. I feel like I needed to let out everything I’ve been keeping in. So this is me opening up. Everyone’s got issues, everyone’s got Pagans.

Listen to ‘Pagans’ below, we’re already set to rinse and repeat this all day!