Ryan Hawaii Brings Futuristic Individuality To His Pop-Up

Ryan Hawaii is set to release his best collection yet at his pop-up and installation at Edjer today.

This time round Ryan has for sure raised the bar, whilst staying true to his signature experimental style. The new collection “FACTORY” introduces new materials like bleached denim, along with new marker inscriptions, stencils and hand-crafted finishes. I spoke to him briefly about his journey so far, and how he has developed as a creative.

“One of the main concepts is existentialism” : free-will. “FEEL FREE” is etched on one of the denim jackets as a reminder. No one item looks the same, and that is the essence of Ryan’s art. A thought-provoking look at individuality, expression through clothing and being responsible for making your own waves.

The editorial shots give a vibe of an intergalactic group of lone wolves…like Mad Max Vs. Goonies. Dystopian bandits reinventing rules to reach that Utopia. Ryan also brings a cool irony to the collection, by reworking our “back in the day” favourites, from Chuck Taylor’s to Christian Audigier Ed Hardy graphic tees.

Since being known as the wonder-kid leading a wave of New Gen creatives…things have been on the up for Ryan. Years have passed since packed out pop-up shop in the heart of Selfridges – the first of it’s kind – Ryan has stayed grinding. “It’s [my journey] been so great! I’ve been to Amsterdam, worked with Skepta, Nike, Off-White (Virgil Abloh)…and my clothing has been stocked around Asia”. He made sure to let me know that his travels have become fuel for his creative development, “A lot of it has been maturing and growing up as a person and MANY MANY great conversations inspired this collection.”

And he’s ready to give back what he’s learnt. Be sure not to miss the Air Force giveaways, live PA’s from Daniel OG and Siobhan Bell at the collection installation this Friday and Saturday.