Rye Shabby Meets His Demons Head On With ‘Die Shabby’ EP

When an artist shares music with the world, it’s no longer theirs alone; by the time it’s reached social media it will have been unpicked a hundred times over. People compete for most righteous take all while assuming we know the mind of the artists we admire. But when the artist chooses to bare all with their audience, there is no mistaking the intention.

Rye Shabby cut his teeth as an MC spitting bars over Grime – as most people did. But since those early days he has gone on find his own voice in a crowded musical landscape, most at home deliberating over sparse instrumentals; Rye Shabby falls somewhere between dark introspection and Lo-fi Hip-Hop.

His new release ‘Those Eyes’, produced by Verb T, is lifted from his ‘Die shabby’ EP – a follow up from last year’s debut ‘Arthur Lager’. It’s a project which sees Rye Shabby come face to face with his own demons, as he forces a path through the mire of a drug culture that is all too often glamorised in music. In an attempt to lose the self destructive part of his being, Rye Shabby uses his new EP to hold himself accountable, “Die Shabby is the sound of a man meeting his demons head on then going on a two week bender with them,” he explains, “Die shabby is the musical documentation of an artist shedding his skin and preparing to embark on a new chapter, this journey is at times ugly at times beautiful but always enthralling and it sounds fucking sick in album form, hear it for yourself.”

‘Die Shabby’ is out now