Saba and Smino Go Global On ‘World In My Hands’

The musical scene in Chicago right now is so healthy, it’s actually hard to keep up. Here, in the UK we’ve been blessed with recent visits from Saba and Smino. Saba enlists Smino for his latest release, ‘World In My Hands’.

Since the release of his 2014 album, ‘ComfortZone’ Chicago’s Saba has been releasing a spate of tracks that show off not only his versatile rap skills and deep melodies, but also his emerging production skills. Currently, Saba has been across Europe, supporting Jazz Cartier in his European tour. The latest from the Saba hit-factory is a collaboration with fellow Chicago (by way of St Louis) resident Smino – who also was recently on a Europe-wide tour with Monte Booker.

‘World In My Hands’ is produced by Saba, alongside Dae Dae (for CHAD) and Phoelix. Saba switches his flow from fast to slow as well as adding a dash of singing on the chorus. Smino drops his distinctive flow, as the pair go back to back, waxing lyrical over their recent successes – with more to come.

This one is so uplifting you’ll be crazy not to vibe with it. Listen below.