Saba Creates Soul ‘Symmetry’

Seeking out that symmetric soul in a sea of possibilities is probably the greatest search for most of us but finding that point of complete harmony within ourselves is life’s greatest pursuit. Saba is reaching that tipping point, the point where ‘Symmetry’ with the universe has created that perfect moment.

Saba hasn’t rushed into this game, working on his craft since 2012 and creating tales that have grown with his own steady emergence into the rap game, Tahj Malik Chandler, aka Saba, the 20-year- old rapper and producer from Chicago, is rising to the occasion. Ready to release his first full length studio album ‘Bucket List’, Saba is setting out to create a new form of hip hop and with Chicago’s current rap renaissance in full flow, that’s nothing too ambitious.

Premiering the first track ‘Symmetry’ off of his 3rd project but 1st official album ‘Bucket List’, Saba is expressing some symmetric soul indeed and setting the anticipation to a new high.

After dropping a few teasers leading into his forthcoming project, Saba turned up on some pretty notable features on Chance The Rapper’s ‘Angels’, Joey Purp’s ‘Cornerstore’ and Jamila Woods’ ‘Emerald St’. So is it right to say that Saba is on the precipice of greatness? We think so and if you haven’t got your head into Saba yet watch his introspective Red Bull documentary, as he charts his love of Hip Hop, the process of creation and reaching that critical point – “when shit is going right, it syncs up with the universe with other shit that’s going right.”

Saba Red Bull Docu

Symmetry is a sublime and seriously chill single that places the romantic notion of finding your other half into a new perspective. Singing on the track, it’s a progressive poetic sound that sets the emotion for what kind of ‘Bucket List’ Saba is putting together. Saba explains to NYLON – Symmetry’ is about finding your other half, or better half, even. They say the most beautiful people have symmetrical features, and that that’s what beauty is. I tried to take that concept and expand on it to say that symmetry in life is when everything lines up, things just start to make sense.”

Listen to ‘Symmetry’ and enjoy Saba’s energy: