Sabrina Claudio Lets You ‘Unravel Me’

When it comes to music, we are spoilt for choice. The internet has enabled every artist to cultivate an audience, and as a result given us so much music to consume. Fortunately, there are companies that have addressed this and have used technology to aid listeners. Algorithms designed by engineers are now doing a fine job in picking the music that should be on my radar.

One song that was presented to me via Spotify’s individually curated Discover playlist was ‘Confidently Lost’. The airy melodies anchored by a deep bassline made me look up from a photograph I was editing and immediately try to find who the singer was. After minimising my editing window, I found the voice that stopped me in my tracks belonged to Sabrina Claudio. A Miami-born and Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter who in 2016 released a 6 song body of work that blessed speakers around the world.

We are now deep into 2017 and Sabrina is back with ‘Unravel Me’. An alluring vocal experience on top of production created by Stint. As the producer of one of my favourite songs of last year (Nao, Girlfriend), he’s brought his musicality once again and built a soundscape under the voice of Sabrina. A voice that speaks to wanting to exit a situation. A situation that she knows that is not good for her. Sabrina does well to tell her story across two short verses. Although the delicate nature of her voice brought me deeper into the story, her message was based in strength.

The chorus of ‘Unravel Me’ sees Sabrina’s vocals act as instrumentation as a result of the crescendo pre-chorus. Stint really gets going in the last 40 seconds of the song as various different instruments are introduced. All held together by Sabrina’s words which, along with the title, are also the foundation to this song. A constant to which everything else is built on. This would explain why it makes up for half of the song, as the music takes precedence here. Something that the listener can get lost in. Even though Sabrina Claudio’s voice captivates you, she actually lets you down gently by saying you can never unravel her.

One thing about Sabrina’s songs are the smooth baselines that make me utterly happy I own speakers the size of a small child. ‘Unravel Me’ is an enchanting song that has made it into many of my playlists and has me pining for another project to play for my neighbours.

You can stream ‘Unravel Me’ on Spotify and Apple Music