safeNsound & L.A.VangGogh Show You ‘numb’

Production duo safeNsound and L.A.VangGogh dropped their debut project ‘safeNsound presents: L.A.VanGogh’ a few weeks ago, now the Chicago hailing vocalist gets retro in the visuals for ‘numb’.

We’ve introducing you a fair few times to the sounds of safeNsound, made up of vocalist L.A.VanGogh and producer Ambi Lyrics (have a read here ICYMI) but now it’s time to savour the screen visuals from the duo.

Filmed by Nick Visuals, ‘numb’ captures the feeling of being trapped and lost within the novacane of love and lust. It’s got these psychedelic filters throughout, which gives ‘numb’ that hazy, post-club 4am smoke session vibe. It’s a fusion of hip-hop, with a sip of jazz and house, all set to leave you ‘numb’ but on a high.