‘safensound presents L.A. VanGogh’ On Their Debut Outing

You may remember Chicago artist/production duo safeNsound from our Next Up feature a few months back when they dropped their infectious tune, ‘nine ta five bluez’. Now, MC/producer L.A. VanGogh and producer/DJ Ambi Lyrics present their debut EP.

The 7 track project is a diverse and melodic display of the pair’s musical talents, both in terms of Ambi’s ear for producing a dope beat, as well as L.A. VanGogh’s talents as a MC. It features appearances from YomÍ, Sherren Olivia and Nosidam, and it has these catchy tracks like ‘nine ta five bluez’ and ‘changed my number’ as well as smooth ones like ‘what you want’.

Since being introduced to safeNsound back in December, with their flip of Blackstreet’s ‘Don’t Leave Me’ transforming it into a bumping house/R&B track called ‘if you cared‘, I’ve been eagerly awaiting the release of their debut project. They have successfully managed to create a distinctively safeNsound sound, which crosses genres and literally provides a soundtrack for each different mood and experiences we all have.

Stream the full project below, trust me, it’s a head bumping, shoulder flexing listen from start to finish.

Check out the video above of the dope cypher L.A. VanGogh was part of, alongside, actor and singer Rotimi, fellow rapper Taylor Bennett and Miami’s Sylvan LaCue.