Sango Anoints Us With ‘Sweet Holy Honey’ ft Xavier Omar

Sango, the Soulection selector and producer aficionado has begun the new year with ‘Sweet Holy Honey’ featuring Xavier Omär. Opening with the sweet sounds of harp strings, the track builds slowly and soulfully into a classic take on courtship.

Directed by Jon Salmon, in the almost six minute featurette, Sango and Xavier emerge from a car-crash and enter a magical forest in search of help

“The inspiration for the video actually comes from the underlying meaning of the song,” explains Sango. “I want the viewer/ listener to piece it together on their own so, I won’t give too much away. ‘Sweet Holy Honey’ stems from cherishing the existence of women and the gift they bring to the world. When I approached Xavier Omär with this idea, I wanted him to write about how it may feel when you hold back the urge to have sex with a woman that you’re in love with. It’s not a typical love song.”

Sango has also revealed the official date for his forthcoming album ‘In The Comfort Of’, which drops on March 16th via Last Gang. With features from Jesse Boykins III, JMSN, Smino and many more including the aforementioned Xavier Omär, our anticipation couldn’t be getting any hotter.