Santino Le Saint Drops It ‘Down’

As one of the ’17 On The Frontline’, you can trust that – from here on out – Santino Le Saint is gonna bring the heat. And nothing exemplifies that statement better than his achingly poignant new cut, ‘Down’.

Written, arranged and produced entirely by Santino himself, ‘Down’ possesses all of the smoky guitar riffs and painfully evocative vocal lines present in ‘THE SECOND EP’. However, there’s something slightly different about ‘Down’; it’s ballad-like structure and sparse instrumentation only accentuates further Santino’s layered, arena-ready voice: ‘Told me I’m special / Say I’m a star / Just cuz I’m high doesn’t mean I’ll go far.’

Although Santino’s dejection on ‘Down’ seems irreversible – his artistic trajectory is only going one way: up. So, whether this track will appear on a follow-up EP, or perhaps partly constitute a more intricate project, its still up there on quality. But, needless to say, whatever this multi-instrumentalist has lined up – it’s gonna cut through the noise.

“Music is the escape from the reality that actually happens in my life, it’s more like if I’m feeling a certain way, if I’m feeling down, I’ll go and make a song and it’ll just release all the emotion and all the energy I have inside me into the song. Almost to a sense that I can leave it behind once I’ve put the song out and the song is there, so the emotions go with the song. I realise that there’s no point holding onto negative things that are going to make me unhappy, or bring me down as a person, I just go on what makes me happy, which is making music and living my life.” – Santino Le Saint

Santino Le Saint is at the turning point that will undoubtedly bring him to the frontline this year. Read his #17OnTheFrontline Cover Story with Santino Le Saint here.