Science – Not Just for Scientists

James Massiah connects with the British Science Association in their campaign to prove science is not just for Scientists.

Science – Not Just For Scientists: 100 ideas is a crowdsourcing project that is all about making science more accessible, focusing on the cultural impact it often has in our lives. The BSA enlisted poet James Massiah for something a little special, his minute and a half trailer for 100 Ideas begins where plenty of people left the subject, falling asleep in school lessons, eyes crossing over when faced with equations and the periodic table. Perking up only when science meets Chemtrail conspiracy or Russian hacking hysteria.

Outside of putting Softmints in Coca Cola too many of us disregard science and its potential entirely and this is what the BSA aims to change. Drawing from all angles in our society, the 100 Ideas project looks at how science can be better integrated into our everyday life and culture, their point is simple: science belongs to us all and we can all be voices of influence and change.

The British Science Association has always been an advocate for better engagement with science and the 100 Ideas project is no different, running until August 2017 the ‘100 Ideas’ project aims to dissolve the idea that while anyone can be active and comment on the media, sport or politics, some how science, is only for scientists. “To stay true to this message it’s important to us to provide a platform to people involved in a range of cultural activities, and the poetry in the video reflects this.”

Philosopher and Poet James Massiah founded his own platform for deeper discussion in 2012, The A & The E is a place where people can come together to discuss the arts and philosophy – it’s an ethos centered around the belief that knowledge informs function and in turn experience informs action. Working with the BSA on the 100 Ideas project is a match well made Massiah is an effortless guide in a quest to remind us all how often science impacts our lives, from the politically fraught world of Hacktivism to live streaming Tim Peake’s descent from the international space station.

Creeping automation means the role of technology and scientific innovation in our everyday lives is a conversation that will only become louder. Whether it’s gender, cancer, dementia, driverless cars, climate change or algorithms science is an undeniable force in everyday life and with the 100 Ideas project ordinary people make their voice heard. Ideas are posted and upvoted accordingly – essentially no area is out of bounds from teaching food as a basic skill in the face of rising childhood obesity to using your phone to become a scientist 100 Ideas wants your contribution whatever your passion.