Screened Nights 2017 Lines Up 12 Director Screenings

Last year we questioned the state of British TV, the exodus of British Talent to American screens is something that’s been well noted. Terrestrial channels are stuck rehashing the same corny period dramas, and the appetite for risk taking when it comes to commissioning programmes has disappeared altogether.

One collective, however, continues working to redress the imbalance. Since 2015, Screened Nights has positioned itself as one of the few remaining film entities designed to explore the film-making artform. Bringing creators and audiences together for stories that are continually overlooked by the mainstream and carving out opportunities for the screenwriters, directors, and actors whose chances are persistently diminishing.

This year, Screened Nights returns with a full programme of new film, beginning June 28th and returning July 26th. The London based pop-up cinema embraces varied genre – documentary, animation as well as those more experimental. Across the two dates, a total of 12 directors films will be shown at Dalston Roof Park.

June 28th will screen the works of: Teddy Nygh, Quason Matthews, Anwar Boulifa, Phil Ossai, Eva Riley and Richard Kattah

While July 26th will feature the works of: Tee Onyemah, Grace Cleere, Adeyinka Akinrinade, Aaron Christian, Trim Lamba and Aaron Dunleavy.