Set To Blow: New Videos From Octavian, Mist & More

Leading us out of what felt like one of the longest months to kick-off the year, this week we got hit with back-to-back bangers and UK MC’s  are clearly not taking any prisoners. Looks like 2017 was just a warm-up for the pending assault on the UK charts that’s on it’s way in 2018.

Octavian ft Sam Wise – 100 Degrees

The end of 2017 was the introduction of French-born, south east London-raised rapper Octavian. Showing himself to the world, his ‘Party Here’ video teased an insight into his close knit Essie Gang crew and had people wondering just who was this shining new voice in a flourishing UK underground?

You’re gonna blow, it’s just timing

Was the mantra from ‘Party Here’ and now it seems, the timing is just right. Suddenly, one of the most talked about new musicians Octavian is ready to share ‘100 Degrees’. Boasting production from 012 on this bass heavy Drill affair, and a pitch perfect cameo from House of Pharaoh’s Sam Wise, The Essie Gang comes together once more too, as Kill Farrell and Armin Druzanovic take the helm with directing.


Mist  – Game Changer

Arguably one of Birmingham’s best known exports, Mist is back with his new single ‘Game Changer’, we’re pretty familiar with his globetrotting visuals by now but that makes it no less impressive. Going clear with the cinematic touches, the video was shot on location in Kenya and directed by The Rite Brothers. A clever and cute play on their name as directors and the infamous American aviators means Mist takes to the sky in a hot air balloon.

‘Game Changer’ also marks the pre-order of Mist’s ‘Diamond In The Dirt EP’, set for release soon, it’s rumoured to be crammed with heavyweight features. A third sell out tour which includes a headline show at 02 Kentish Town Forum on March 15th and festival appearances are all lined up for the coming months, but for now it’s all about taking in Kenya’s picturesque vistas. We go along for the ride with Mist as he goes Bear Grylls on Safari, and James Bond in a speed boat.


HEX – $antana $mooth

Born and raised in Nottingham, Hex is already starting to gather up a moniker for himself as the ‘British Post Malone’. With his latest video for the wavy cut ‘$antana $mooth’, HEX has been building up a solid track record of songs, and looks all ready to blow. Back on form after a break-up, HEX isn’t sulking, he’s “too Carlos Santana smooth.”


M.O x Lotto Boyzz x Mr Eazi – Bad Vibe

M.O is clearing out the bad energy for 2018, teaming up with Lotto Boyzz and Mr Eazi. ‘Bad Vibe’ is the track that sets the tone for the year ahead, and is all about that take-no-prisoners positivity, and nothing else is welcome. They’re keeping the Afro blend ticking over until the sun is ready to shine again.


Yxng Bane – Corner ft Maleek Berry

If you weren’t lucky enough to make the annual Christmas exodus to the motherland, Yxng Bane is here to make sure you don’t feel left out. With Maleek Berry on production as well as a feature ‘Corner’ is a song about musical evolution with a visual all about that hero’s welcome.

Walking in the spirit of a King, Yxng Bane assembles his people in his first visit to the continent and his first perfomance at Nativeland Festival, a homecoming of sorts that is two million miles away from an East London trap.


One Acen – Vice Versa ft WSTRN

Fresh off his UK hit collab with Hardy Caprio ‘Untitled’, and an opening performance at Caprio’s recent sold out show, One Acen is ready for the next one. Teaming up with CallMeTheKidd & WSTRN, Acen delivers some fresh heat on ‘Vice Versa’, a smooth-as-fuck song all about that infectious love, that goes both ways.

One Acen says “I originally made the track with my friend and producer CallMeTheKidd. I then randomly linked Haile, who added his flavour, and Louis, who did what he does best. We gelled well together. Our styles complemented each other really well and this is a special composition.”


Sneakbo – Fuck It Ft S.Wavey , M Dargg, J Boy & Bellzey

More fire from the ‘Brixton’ album, which drops in March, ‘Fuck It’ sees Bo going back to back with some of the hottest wordsmiths in the game! Following on from an incredible run of singles including the Giggs featuring street banger ‘Active’ and the melodic crossover smash ‘Nah’ with Not3s, UK rap pioneer Sneakbo has returned with another track from his highly anticipated project ‘Brixton’, ‘Fuck It’.

On the record, Sneakbo says: “‘Fuck It’ of them songs that will shutdown the clubs, festivals and streets. The energy is perfect if you’re looking for something that will hype you up. This features Swavey, Jboy, Mdarg, & Bellzey… I grew up with this lot in Brixton so it was only right I got them on the ‘Brixton’ project. The hook is basically saying I got haters everywhere but I love it… Have a listen and I hope you all enjoy.”


Avelino ft Dave – U Can Stand Up

Avelino calls on Dave as they take aim at the thoughtless ways life is being lost across the country and the wider world. ‘U Can Stand Up’ is a call to arms masquerading as a summer jam. Inside this story of rap riches and glory, two of London’s most promising wordsmiths come together to examine the hurt that lies beneath a generation of disillusioned young people.

The word ’empowering’ has virtually lost all meaning in this internet age of pretty much every vaguely positive statement being ‘iconic’, but you can’t overlook the meaning inside this track. Avelino and Dave speak directly to everyone tempted to get caught up in some senseless violence.