Shades The Misfit Shares VHS Inspired Visuals For ‘The Rendition’

London rapper and visual artist Shadez The Misfit releases his VHS-inspired visuals for ‘The Rendition’, as he gears up for the release of his long awaited debut EP ‘Ne Plus Ultra’.

The video for ‘The Rendition’ is very sick. It’s got this retro feels, with these VHS-style feature, traditionally seen in your old school VHS video tapes. It’s got this pink-purple hues throughout, accenting the outline of the South London housing estate where the video was filmed. Halfway through the video, it cuts to a very organic scene where Shadez was filming the video and it starts raining, which adds to the hunger and immediacy in the video, both visually and lyrically.

Shadez describes ‘The Rendition’ as a “day in the life of a misfit”, as he takes us on a lyrical journey, which Shade refers to as the “calm before the storm”. The storm Shadez is referring to is the musical storm he is set to create with the release of his long awaited debut EP ‘Ne Plus Ultra’. Ne Plus Ultra is a Latin term meaning; “The highest, ultimate point of achievement which can be reached; perfection”.

Check out ‘The Rendition’ for yourself above, and also have a watch of Shadez inspiring TED Talk below.