Shadez The Misfit Starts ‘Fires’ With A New Video

Tazar Sancho aka Shadez The Misfit gifted us ‘Rendition’ earlier this year from his forthcoming EP ‘Ne Plus Ultra’ meaning “The highest point, as of excellence.” The EP is said to take you on the journey of the misfit and his goals to elevate. Following that he released ‘Fires’ with vocal contributions from Mancunian crooner Bipolar Sunshine.

The song itself, produced by T. Hemingway is an eclectic collaboration of sounds, reminiscent of West Coast melodies and rich tones almost Nate Dogg-esq. Bipolar’s raspy edged croons give a lift to the psychedelic undertones masked in futuristic bounce. In the new video for ‘Fires’, you see a masked man, a representation which Shadez says for him “symbolises fun and free spirit despite the seriousness of the song.”

Directed by Dumas Haddad with full compliments to the context of the song, ‘Fires’ is about breaking down barriers. We see both artists with lighters symbolic of the start of something new. The possibilities of seeing an opportunity where no one else may have and starting your own fires.

I am sure Shadez The Misfit has more thrilling visuals to share with us through the course of this EP which I for one am looking forward to. There’s no telling what the inexplicable rapper has under his belt for the last quarter but he has been tipped by MOBO as one to watch – and we’re watching keenly.

Take a look at the visuals above.

You can pre-order the ‘Ne Plus Ultra’ EP here and you can buy or stream ‘Fires’ now on iTunes/Apple Music & Spotify