Shakka Dances In Visuals For ‘YDKWYDTM’

Last year Shakka released his concept album ‘The Lost Boys Club’, he’s now dropped some tasty visuals for ‘You Don’t Know What You Do To Me’ with added verses from Chip.

The musical genre chameleon Shakka, serves us up these cinematic visuals, complete with dancing and shots of Shakka enclosed in water. When a video matches a song perfectly, is when I fall in love, and this is no exception. The storyline for the video is Shakka’s infatuation with a female and Shakka trying to come to terms with this feeling. Shakka’s infatuation and emotions are captured in the contemporary-African dances which Shakka and the female perform. His love grows as he struggles to keep up with her badass moves. It’s refreshing to see a guy looking vulnerable for a female, as well as showing off some moves – go Shakka!

While we await new material from Shakka, watch the video for ‘You Don’t Know What You Do To Me’ – you won’t be disappointed!