Shay Lia Drops Icy Tune ‘Blue’ Prod by Kaytranada & BadBadNotGood

Shay Lia is the magical voice that graced Kaytranada’s debut album ‘99.9 %’ in 2016 on the track ‘Leave Me Alone’. Now it’s clear she’s ready to step out on her own with the backing of Kaytranada and shake up the R&B world.

The Montreal via Djibouti singer/songwriter is breaking the boundaries of R&B music with her sultry new tune ‘Blue’. Produced by Montreal native Kaytranada and Toronto’s bad boy producer quartet BADBADNOTGOOD, these Canadian partners in crime put in a perfect nod to Canada’s thriving R&B scene. ‘Blue’ is also the third collaborative single between Shay Lia and Kaytranada, who laid down their musical connection previously on ‘3 months’ and ‘Leave Me Alone’.

Shay’s voice glides effortlessly on a hypnotic but jazz influenced beat that takes you on a smooth sonic journey of timeless soul combined with a modernity that transcends genres. Showing off her airy falsetto, Shay yearns for her lover to come back, describing ‘Blue’ as “Channelling raw emotions buried deep in her soul to heal some wounds,” for Shay the writing process is “The best way to externalize unconscious emotions or feelings that may have been shut down for too long.”

Shay’s honesty and authenticity is apparent on ‘Blue’ and that’s what makes her exciting as an artist. If you’ve wondered what walking on a cloud would feel like, just sit back and relax, imagine that angelic voice floating above you and listen to Shay Lia below!