She’s sort of like a ‘Maniac, Jhené Aiko Premieres New Video

Jhené Aiko popped up with a few surprising turn of events over the past year, from a surprise marriage, to a subsequent divorce, a collab with Big Sean which it turns out was also the premise of their secret relationship, now officially public and pretty steamy.

So there’s probably a little bit of truth, in there somewhere when Jhené Aiko admits, ‘I’m sort of like a maniac, and I can’t get out of it’. Unleashing her ‘Maniac’, with her directorial debut, Jhené tackles all kinds of restraints from cages to a a straightjacket. Maybe no co-incidence here then that the track is produced by the appropriately named Fisticuffs, check out the video above.

Jhené’s latest collab project with Big Sean, ‘Twenty88’, accompanied by a short film, opened up a path that appears to be carving out a new direction for her sound and style. It’s quite a departure from the Jhené Aiko, who first made herself known to the world with her feature on Drake’s ‘Nothing Was The Same’ with ‘From Time’. No date yet on the, as-yet-untitled sophomore solo LP, but we’re watching this space no doubt.