Shy Fx Brings Cult.ure To London For A Special Second Week

The words, ‘for the culture’ might just make up the single most overused phrase in history. Thanks to social media, everything is now ‘for the culture’, stunting for socials when you’re on holiday, gatecrashing a BBQ because the host met your friend once, two years ago. But, thanks to the most high rave Gods, Shy Fx has taken it upon himself to show us all what ‘for the culture’ truly means.

His seminal 1994 Ragga Jungle production of ‘Original Nuttah’ captured a moment in time. Shy Fx entered with an effortless fusion of Ragga Ruffneck edges and Junglist sound. And so it was. Shy Fx remains one of the UK’s biggest voice’s in club culture at a time when the ground appears to be disappearing beneath our feet. Venues that once birthed global genres of music have all but vanished, dismantling communities of people in the process. Where left can you go to find like minds and real music?


Set a secret East London location, Cult.ure will be taking place every Thursday night in February. A weekly sermon on UK Sound. Each line up is under strict lock and key until after the event – cutting out over heated expectations.

The doors came off week one when Benji B, Sir Spyro, Jamz Supernova, Hutch and Dynamite MC all took to the stage and week two continued to set pace when Idris Elba, Ghetts, Rudekid, Heartless Crew, D Double, Maximum, Youngman and DJ Hutch came together. “People always say ‘oi that the party was sick you know’ but last night was truly special, I’m genuinely humbled by the love and support of everyone coming through each week.” Shy Fx said after week two’s event, “On a level, let’s take a minute to discuss Idris’ set, or when Rudekid and Ghetts came out, or when D Double, Idris Elba and Heartless Crew went b2b, or when D Double (DJ Dan) took to the decks and the mic at the same time, or when Maximum starting shelling old skl garage classics… I don’t even know where to begin, it was a vibe from start to finish.”

Cult.ure speaks volumes about the reputation Shy Fx has in UK music, DJ’s from all genres readily come together under one roof to do what they do best.

Week three comes this Thursday and it’s rumoured to be a Jungalist’s dream. Watch what happened last week and Sign up here.