Shystie Drops A Wake Up Call

Shystie pulls no punches in new video ‘Wake Up’

A major name within UK music for more than a decade Shystie has always been an artist respected for her style, delivery and willingness to shake things up. The MOBO award winning MC, singer / songwriter has recently taken time out to record an album and ‘Wake Up’ is a hint of what’s to come.

Weighty bass and uplifting D’n’B melodies are a kind of misdirection however, rather than endless miles of sea and sand Shystie claims the opportunity in her video to remind audiences of the reality of human trafficking faced by millions of vulnerable women across the world with up to 13,000 victims in the UK alone.

Directed and produced by female duo Xiphi films, the setting for the ‘Wake Up’ video is dystopian London; Chinese influence within the city is rampant as the value of the pound has collapsed entirely. Tower blocks are packed in next to each other in a recreation of the Kowloon walled city. The rise in popularity of the dark web means buying what you want, when you want – it’s not only convenient but anonymous. The black market economy has created a free flow of trade and a negative implication of it all is that human trafficking is now out of control.

A creator of her own lane, Shystie is back opening eyes.