Sid Sriram Sets Insomniac Season In Motion

Insomniac Season begins with Sid Sriram making an introspective journey after a 1 year hiatus, drawing us back with a bigger sound that’s impossible not to notice.

‘Moments of Weakness’ is cinematic in both scope, sound and visual and it’s powered with a composition that’s bred from the rare skill of combining two completely opposing traditions into one voice.

That vocal styling that gives Sid Sriram his elemental force comes from his California breeding and his classical training in the form of the Indian vocal skill known as Carnatic music. Sid Sriram has transcended both tradition and form to make a record that has few ‘Moments of Weakness’ in its sound but lyrically it’s as heartfelt and vulnerable as the emotion behind it.

Taken with the evolution in his music, YouTube cover versions are a distant memory, as Sid Sriram heads to new heights, ‘growing up and coming to terms with change’.