Skepta Directs A Eurotrash Treatment For His ‘Hypocrisy’ Video

We might be leaving Europe, but Europe isn’t leaving us quite yet as Skepta directs a few flashbacks to those trashier days of the 90’s.

Skepta takes a seat once again in the director’s chair alongside Matt Walker for his latest video for ‘Hypocrisy’. Giving the new visual a EuroTrash retro treatment, Skepta is seen dancing on set, flexing a striped T-shirt as a throwback to Jean Paul Gaultier’s signature style in the late night cult TV show.

‘Hypocrisy’ was dropped earlier in the summer as the follow up to ‘No Security’, and is a clapback to all the online trashing from comments on his image to his accolades. Accepting an Ivor Novella and rejecting an MBE, Skepta adamant he’s not looking to be accepted, he’s just staying cool and deadly.