Why Skepta’s Feeling Good Tonight

Its been history in the making watching the U.K Grime scene finally break out and get its dues and on its own terms. After a decade of relentless hard work, persistence, and commitment to their craft they’ve created great music, developed their sound, built a fanbase, and solidified relationship with DJs.

Skepta and Boy Better Know have found their own lane, played their own game, defined their vision, while creating genre defining music and understanding the business of music.

Skepta’s rise and rise continues this week with his live show in the U.S and looks like he’s breaking through one of the toughest audiences in the world for U.K MC’s. Skepta threw the crowd in Queens, New York into a raging frenzy, tearing up the masses.

Drakes brings Skepta on Stage at Wireless

When Drake headlined Wireless and brought Skepta on stage to perform ‘Shutdown’ it may have hit the headlines as another moment for the history books but behind the scenes something more was happening. Skepta is not looking to ride on anyones coat-tails and the audience at Wireless was just as much his as Drakes. Earlier in the year when Skepta spoke at the RBMA lecture in Manchester he made it clear, “There’s a trickle down that starts in America, then kinda goes to some other places: London, Paris and stuff… I’ve never really liked that.”

Skept and Drake in the Studio


In between shows at Wireless, it seems Skepta and Drake had made some time to hit the studio where both MC’s cut a remix of Nigerian music artists Wiz’s track “Ojuelegba”. Drake dropped the track on the premiere of his OVOSound Radio show, last week and looks like they’re also shining the spotlight on some up and coming Nigerian talent.