Skepta Checks In Real Late on Hot 97

Skepta dropped in on Hot 97 in New York last night, to hang out with Peter Rosenberg on his show Real Late and got talking about life, touring, his music and coming up through the Grime scene in London.

I feel like in London, I get myself

“Its been a good 10 /12 years but from ‘Thats Not Me’ its been 2 years, and I was coming out here and just free-styling on radio stations and thats how i got big in London, I didn’t get big cos I signed to a label, I got big because I had my macbook in my rucksack and i just kept making beats and spitting bars on it. To me this its just organic and its nice that its happening”

Talking about whether he got advice from people who came before him, he said he hadn’t had much other than from Wiley, through DJing for him and being around Wiley he got to saw how he was making it all happen and that was inspiration enough.

I ain’t go no advice from Dizzie

Skepta also explained how he lost his vinyl due to a police investigation on a shooting on his estate and without records to play, he just started rhyming and telling mad stories. Talking about up and coming acts in the U.K he mentioned the Section Boys simply because thats who he listens to.

Giving a little insight into the album process and why he’s touring first, he explained that once he got his manager Grace Ladoja “she’s really put me in a comfortable place” –  so before the album there’s going to be a new mixtape with Westwood dropping soon “I wanted to show him that I don’t forget stuff, and I have a blueprint in my head of how I want my stuff to come out and how classic I want it, and when I called him he was like ‘rah are you serious’ and I was like yeah.”

Skepta insists he’s not stopping and he’s in this for the long haul “I don’t wanna play the game, I want to change the game”.