Skepta Joins Mick Jagger On ‘England Lost’

Lots has been written about the punk rock spirit of grime in the past, and although the Rolling Stones weren’t the Sex Pistols, Mick Jagger’s new track ‘England Lost’ featuring Skepta is pretty much our first real chance to see what a Grime meets rock ‘n’ roll groove would actually look like.

On a surface level, the title implies a song about another shit football performance by the national team; but lyrically, it’s a song about the intergenerational divides, housing issues, political policy and general inequality that continues to carve up the country unchecked, “It’s about a feeling that we are in a difficult moment in our history,” Jagger said of the track.

Skepta has spoken numerous times about his distaste for politics and here his position is unchanged:

No new faces allowed in, they said it’s gettin’ overcrowded, they’re still fightin’ over houses, so I just pick it up, put it down and leave it where I found it.

A song that would fit perfectly into a Sunday afternoon Glastonbury set, Mick Jagger & Skepta’s ‘England Lost’ is a message for everyone.