Skepta Sends It Out On ‘Man’

Stateside fans may have to wait a while longer before they can catch Skepta on US shores, with his recent tour postponed after his visa was denied, its back to home turf and home crews on ‘Man (Gang)’.

This is the 5th track to be dropped from the long awaited and hotly anticipated album ‘Konnichiwa’ released on the 6th May 2016 which will also feature his previous singles ‘That’s Not Me’, ‘It’ Ain’t Safe’ ‘Ladies Hit Squad’, ‘Shutdown’.

Skepta’s been down with his day ones and new ones like Drake are officially tatted up to prove their allegiance to BBK – it’s Skepta straight on point-  “I got day ones and I got new ones, No fake ones, trust no one.

Just like Grime, man’s been making something from nothing, and Skepta’s rise from the bottom to the top since his ‘Shutdown’ has had him across the world and back – “Came a long way from sittin’ in the flats, Came a long way from when whites never used to mix with blacks, Now all my white niggas and my black mates, we got the game on smash.

If you haven’t already go pre-order the album now – it’s about to be shutdown after that bank holiday Monday in May.